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Welcome to the KennyKreations help page. Please don't forget that we're here to help and there is no such thing as a stupid question. Take a look around and if you have any questions unanswered please feel free to contact us.

We will be adding answers to frequently asked questions to this page as we go.

Sign Up

How do I sign up?
You can sign up by clicking on the Login link at the bottom left hand side of our page, or by clicking on Client Login in the menu bar. I will explaing how to use the Client Login menu. You will also be given the opportunity to sign up if you add something to your shopping cart (if you are signing up from a shopping cart link, follow these steps from filling out your email address).
Click on Client Login
Click the Login button.
Fill out your Email address and pick a password.
new signup details
Click on New Account.
Fill out your Full Name in the space provided, and tick the box next to full name if you would like to receive emails from us.
Click Create Account.
Congratulations... You now have an account with us!

The first time you make a purchase you will have to fill in some more information like a billing address, and shipping address if it's different to you billing address.

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Why should I login to the website?
We recommend you log in when you purchase designs from us. By doing this you will receive customer rewards points whenever you purchase. You can view our members only video tutorials, check your past orders, and track the number of rewards points your account has accrued. On top of that you can download any purchases made in the last 48 hours.

login image

How do I login?

client login
You can click on the Client Login link in our main menu, or click on login at the bottom of our page. As well as those two links whenever you add something to your shopping cart when you are not logged in you will be given an option to log in or create an account with us at the top of your shopping cart.
Click on the corresponding link to either log in or sign up.
Once you have clicked to Log In using any of the links mentioned you will be able to login
Enter your Email and Password in the fields provided (these are the ones you used when you signed up).
I recommend clicking on the remember me on this computer box, as it will save you from forgetting your details and remember them for you when you come to our website.
Now click on Submit!
That's all there is to it, you're all signed in!


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Click on the purple Yahoo Groups Join Now button on the bottom left hand side of our page to join our Yahoo Group. You will need to be a member of yahoo to join the group. If you are already a Yahoo member you can simply sign in. If not, click on sign up and fill out your details for a Yahoo Membership.

yahoo signup

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Why Join?
Joining our newsletter allows us to Update you with news on new designs, projects and tutorials as they become available.

How do I Join?
Simply click on the link under Newsletter Signup in the left hand side menu bar.
You will now be able to fill in your Name and Email address.
You will also need to put in the security code on the page. This is to stop spam and shenanigans. It is there to keep us and you safe.
Now click on Submit.
You will then be signed up to receive our newsletters!

newsletter signup
This is a screenshot picture of the signup link.

filled in

Here is an example of a signup form filled in.

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Contacting Us

How can I contact you and when should I expect a reply?
You can contact us using the contact us form on our website here.
We endevor to reply to all emails within 24 working hours. If you haven't heard from us within 24 hours, please keep in mind there are only 2 of us here. If one of us is sick, or it is a weekend, we may take a little longer to answer. However we will Always reply and do our best to help.

I didn't get a reply, what happened?
We will always reply to you. Please check your Junk or Spam folders. It is also possible that your return path / address didn't work (we do get these occasionally). If you haven't heard back from us, please resend your email, or use our contact form.

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Metric Conversion

If you need a way to convert between metric and imperial you can find a link on our Tips and Hints page to an online converter. There is also a link to a program you can download.

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Customer Rewards Program

Our website has a Customer Rewards Program. Whenever you log in and purchase designs from us you will earn Customer Rewards Points. You can then redeem them with future purchases to receive discounts.

During Sales, our Customer Rewards Points program is disabled. You will not be able to accumulate nor redeem Rewards Points during our special sales.

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select a format

Choose the format of the design you would like to purchase.
Click add to cart on the product page of the design you want.
If you are not already logged in, click on the login or sign up link in the top of the shopping cart and log in. (If you need help you can find the steps to sign up or steps to log in at the top of this page)
Now click on the Checkout button at the bottom of your cart.
Now choose the billing and shipping address for your order. On this page you may also Insert any coupon information, or choose to reedeem Customer Rewards Points, and choose your payment method.
Click on the drop down box and choose the method of payment you would like to use
Now click on the Checkout button at the bottom of your cart.
The next page is a confirmation page that will give you a summary of your purchase.
Now click on the Checkout button at the bottom of your cart.
You will now need to pay for your purchase. You will then be returned to the purchase page where you can download your designs. You will also be sent an email with a link to download your designs.

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Payment Options

We have 3 payment options available.
Our two fastest methods are PayPal or Credit Card and are available to all of our customers.
If you are in Australia you can also choose to purchase and do a direct deposit into our bank account. If you choose to purcase this way you will be forwarded to a receipt page at the end of the checkout process that will include our banking details.

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Purchase History

When you log into your customer account using the Client Login or the Login link at the bottom of the page you can view your previous orders.

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When you finish paying for your purchase you will see a page that has a download link on it. Simply click on the "Product" download link and the "Helpfile" download link. A save file dialogue box will open. Click on Save.
Have a look at where you are saving your file. Some Internet browsers, like internet explorere will allow you to choose a destination to save to.
Other browsers, like Mozilla Firefox, will most likely choose a destination for you, most likely your desktop. This is where you can now find your designs.

file download pic
Is there another way I can download?
Check your email, there will be an email order confirmation sent to you. It will contain two download links. One that is a direct link to your download page.
It will also have a link to a login page with an order id and a password. You will need to put in the ID and Password sent to you in this email, you will then be taken to your download page.

Help! I'm still having trouble downloading what do I do?
If you are having problems downloading your design please feel free to contact us.

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Download Expiry

I'm trying to download my design and it is no longer available...
For security reasons our downloads are set to expire 48 hours after they have been purchased.
If you need to download after this time has expired you will need to contact us. We will make sure you get your download.

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Lost Designs

My computer crashed and I lost my designs! What can I do?
We keep records of our orders, so if you loose your designs you can contact us and we will be able to organise replacement designs for you.

How can I protect myself from loosing my designs?
Organise your designs in folders on your hard drive. For example make an Embroidery folder on your C: drive.
Whenever you purchase designs always move them into this folder. You can also put folders inside your Embroidery folder for each of your favourite embroidery stores or designs. You can make this system as detailed or simple as you like.

I can't find a design that I'm looking for but I remember the file name?
You can do a search for your designs on your hard drive.
Open up Windows Explorer (Not Internet Explorer) or My Computer.
Click on the Search icon.
Select the "All files and folders" option.
Click in the "All or part of the file name" box and type in the file name you are looking for.
If you don't remember the complete file name, that's ok. As long as you have part of the file name correct windows will do the rest, and find any files that could be a match.

What We Recommend
Here at home we have external hard drives that we back up all of our design files, and other important files on. These can be purchased from most computer or electrical stores and will plug into a USB port on your computer. You can get them in different sizes, so purchase one that is the appropriate size for you.

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Video Tutorials

We have a number of Video Tutorials available.

You need to be logged in to view the majority of our Video Tutorials.
Log in to the website following the instructions at the top of this page.
When you look at the Tutorials link in our quicklinks menu, you will notice the third menu option is Video Tutorials.
These are our Video Tutorials and they are only available to members of our website.

We have some videos available to non members also, you can find our general videos on this page.

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Larger Photos and Photo Gallery

I'd like to see some larger photos of your products, where can I do that?
You can see larger pictures of all our products by going to our gallery.

How do I do that?
Click here to view our video tutorial on how to view our gallery.

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